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Jan 1, 2013 10:00am EST
. great. >> you live on 10 offenses -- you live in san francisco. what is your view on this on the last few years with the social movements? >> the occupy movement and the tea party movement were both reactive, fizzled away. what is my view? you know, i saw what happened in oakland with occupy --occ upy's problem is they understood consensus to a default, the degradation of the democratic dogma, and then they could not come up with a mature way to deal with creating discourse in their ranks. to do that, you have to concede there is such a thing as hierarchy, and it is not necessarily the feminists, patriarchal, or evil. >> it is a massive gathering with a spontaneous order. you will out of a crowd of the right conditions are present get rules and order, and despite its size and different location, it is very well run. there are enormous, practical laws on the ground. >> that is what we do. >> i do not know if anyone wants to raise their hands, -- >> we built a temporary city in the desert. it has all the -- anything any normal city would provide. our event is known -- i have seen the li
Jan 3, 2013 1:00pm EST
the delasandro family of baltimore in that gratitude as well. and i must thank my constituents in san francisco for giving me the privilege of representing that beautiful and diverse city in the congress of the united states. each of us here today is truly a representative. a representative in the truest sense of the word. to represent the highest hopes and aspirations of the american people. on new year's eve, some of you, a large number of members of congress joined hundreds of people at the national archives building where we observed at midnight the 150th anniversary of the signing of the emancipation proclamation. at midnight there was an enactment of harriet tubman ringing the bill, ringing the bill. and as she rang the bell she said, now we are free. it was quite an incredible moment. and it was one that ushered in what president lincoln would call a new birth of freedom. for his era and for generations to come. that transformative moment in our history is a reminder of the best traditions we have as a people. the ability and obligation of each generation of americans to renew the promis
Jan 24, 2013 12:30pm EST
pistol used in a san francisco shooting in which eight people were dead. one of the more commonly sees to firearms off the streets of our various cities. time for us to do something, folks. this is legislation that is needed. it is not the only thing that is needed. we have to go beyond an assault weapons ban. our streets are hemorrhaging out there and we have a responsibility to do something. we have been to this before. there's an awful lot of conversation around gun violence. every time you have a massacre like newtown, columbine, you name it, the list goes on and on. after about two or three weeks, it starts to quiet down a little bit. and it is business as usual and the lobbyists began to quietly go about trying to influence the outcome of any legislation. 20 children slaughtered at one time in a schoolhouse in the town many of us never even heard of until this happened. a town that you would not expect something like this to take place. it is the slaughter of 28 babies does not capture and hold your attention, then i give up because i do not know what else will. we have to pass l
Jan 9, 2013 1:00pm EST
in this country. look at what what they done in the past. san francisco earthquake, they had funding eight days later. hurricane andrew in florida, 30 days later. earthquake in 1994, 26 days later. hurricane itself bale 26 days later. hurricane katrina nine days later. this is day 73 and still counting, that is not acceptable , my friends. [applause] our message to congress is clear . new york is united deliver the aid we need and deserve, do not play politics with the state of new york. do not bring your political washington gridlock to new york. do not play politics while peel need to be back in their homes and small businesses need money to open their door. remember new york because new york will not forget i promise you. [applause] so in closing, what is the state of the state? the answer is my friends, we have work to do. you look at all the initiatives we layed out today you get a sense. we also have a 300 page book we're going to give you as a going away present to read tonight in case you missed any of it. the agenda that we lay out today is clearly the most ambition agenda of the three
Jan 10, 2013 1:00pm EST
york and los angeles and san francisco. guest: actually, most police chiefs and sheriffs want to prioritize their resources. they will say i will send my officer to the beat on the street, to talk to the american community, and make sure that leads are found for drug crimes, violent crime, etc. bogging that officer down with local illegal immigrant enforcement does nothing to help law enforcement. host: we will talk more about how local authorities are handling that issue. tracy is in long beach, california, a republican. caller: good morning. i have a couple of comments to make. my first question is, what enforcement of illegal immigration laws? there is none, particularly in the interior. i reside in southern california, close to the border. we have to get a feel for what is going on and how this country has almost chosen one group, one country to just basically write our immigration laws. there is nothing wrong with our immigration laws. they have worked for hundreds of years. what you have our lobbies that are looking to circumvent that for their own gain. i wonder who pay
Jan 23, 2013 5:00pm EST
of the ravens. but my constituency is san francisco. my children were raised -- going to games with joe montana and all of the stars, young and everyone since then, and will be supporting and rooting for the 49ers, not rooting against the ravens. i was rooting for both of them to go to the super bowl and then they both did. but only thing i have is har baugh parents must have a more difficult decision to make on that day, but i fully intend to be at the game. thank you all. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> here's what's ahead on the c-span networks this evening. on c-span, secretary of state clinton testifies before the senate foreign relations committee at 8:00. on c-span 2, house armed services committee hearing on alleged sexual misconduct at lackland air force base. and c-span-3. the briefing you just saw with democratic leader pelosi on the violence against women act. all of that coming up at 8:00 on the c-span networks. tomorrow, senator john kerry and his confirmation hearing before the senate foreign rela
Jan 25, 2013 9:00am EST
that in the 1950's, the greektown of san diego -- not san diego, san francisco, passed the ordinance to protect homosexuals from being attacked. you would go to jail if you beat someone out or when after someone and cause them harm because of their sexual preference. but we've also seen in the great state of california this issue turned into a mainly a white, very well established, male- dominated issue. the men who are gay in this state are not pork, they are not an agitated, and they -- not poor, not uneducated, and they are long on opportunity. i think the issue of not allowing people to have a say on what their preference is is a difficult and unpleasant hill to swallow. we've spent a lot of money on this issue, in particular aids. we have poured millions and millions and millions of dollars into this issue. we are aware that many men in this state would like to have proposition 8 overturned simply because of the financial benefits that would come to them and their partners. host: gloria, thanks for the call. kevin cathcart. guest: there is an awful lot in there and let me try to make thre
Jan 29, 2013 1:00pm EST
california. look at california. san francisco. spanish missions were all the way up the coast until they ran to the russians in the bay area. hispanics took over our neighborhood, the old neighborhood where i used to live. the neighborhood has just blossomed. the reinvigorated the wells avenue corridor, which is small businesses and one not. that is the way i look at it. host: prison at all, speaking today after a group of bipartisan senators spoke. -- president obama speaking today after a group bipartisan senators announced their policy. senator rubio spoke about the undocumented, 11 million undocumented workers, immigrants in the country. here is what he had to say. >> if you are here undocumented, you must come forward. if you have committed serious crimes in the united states, you will be deported. if you're not committed serious crimes, you will have to pay back taxes and a fine. what you will get is basically the equivalent of a non- relevant be set. you are not qualified for financial benefits. as a non-immigrant visa holder you do not qualify under existing law right now, you do not
Jan 4, 2013 9:00am EST
of baltimore in that gratitude as well. and i must thank my constituents in san francisco for giving me the privilege of representing that beautiful and diverse city in the congress of the united states. they come here as representatives, independent representatives of their districts. their job description and their job title or one and the same, rep. how they do that, honoring their conscience, the constitution and their constituents is how they make their decisions about their votes. these 49 new members, they are personal manifestations of the american dream in their own lives and their parents' lives of crossing the threshold into being part of the american dream. that has two parts -- the dream part of the and the american part of it. it is not just the economics. it's certainly is important but it is about who we are as a country, promoting our values, keeping the world at peace, and respecting the judgment of the american people about how they make their personal decisions in their lives, respecting their creativity, honoring our country's founders' commitment to the future in e
Jan 18, 2013 9:00am EST
was tracked that was being advertised. it was in the big cities like san francisco, seattle, portland. but also in little cities and this person is transported from place to place. the capacity for our police department is challenging. we are working on better solutions so our police department can share information and interdict this. is there a young woman that we should be seeking to recover? we will try to bring more pressure on the men who do this. we need more tools to attempt to combat this. the tsa also plays a role in this. i want to thank you for the work that is done in olivetti this issue. -- to elevate this issue. it is hard to believe it is as bad as it is. it is happening in your community, too. we need to come together to change the climate where men feel they can go online and buy this. we need better tools to combat this. maybe we should look at our own loss about what is appropriate regulations. thank you for your work. [applause] >> anyone have any questions for the mayor? he is targeting a particular aspect of the traffic of underage women for sexual purposes. man
Jan 31, 2013 12:00pm EST
. they sent me home for five days and then on to travis air force base in san francisco. i got to vietnam in december, 1967. >> there is no reason anyone of us should ever be concerned about your willingness to do anything you possibly can to defend this country against all foreign enemies, wherever they may be. >> well, i hope not. we can disagree on policy. but i think my life and my commitment to this country is pretty clear. i am proud of it. >> and i would say that israel, this box peaceful -- the spokespeople for israel support you. they have come to me and told me that. have they told you that? >> there are many israeli groups that have formally supported me. i'm grateful. >> and it sounds like iran has wishful thinking. >> evidently, iran supports me. >> the president has asked you to support -- to serve at this level, so he has confidence in you. >> the president did ask me to serve. i said in my opening statement i am grateful that and honored by -- by the trust and confidence and will do everything in my power never to do anything that would disabuse that confidence from this c
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11